Status and Kindred in City

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Status and Kindred in City Empty Status and Kindred in City

Post by Admin on Sat 25 Jul 2015, 10:59 pm

Hi everyone this is Laura I have be appointed Harpy by Prince Eros. So I'm going to start by putting everyone's name and known Status in the city as well as if anyone has any positions in the city.

Prince Eros: Prince - Acknowledged, Admired, Adored, Cherished, Enlightened, Exalted, Famous, Honorable, Respected, Trustworthy,Well-Connected, Well-Known

Thomas Wellinton III: Ventrue Primegen- Revered, Acknowledged, Admired, Cherished, Trustworthy, Well-Connected, Well-Known

Freya: Acknowledged

Jacob Jones: Acknowleged, Well-connected

Kelly Stevens: Acknowleged, Cherished

Lindsey Borden: Tzimisce Primegen- Revered, Acknowledged

Magus: Sheriff of Dallas- Acknowledged

JJ: Gangrel Primegen- Revered, Acknowledged, Loyal , Well-Known

Bre: Deputy of the Sheriff- Acknowledged

Janis Parker: Malkavian Primegen- Revered, Acknowledged

Simon Durand: Acknowledged

Hakim: Assaimite Primegen- Revered, Acknowledged

Rian Owers: Acknowledged

Laura Rossi: Daughter of Cacophony Primegen- Revered, Acknowledged

Leondrus: Toreador Primegen- Revered, Acknowledged -- MIA

Cable: Acknowleged

Jason: Bruja Primegen- Revered, Acknowledged --MIA

Let me know if anyone has any Status that I have written down. I will see you all at Elysium this weekend. Bye!


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