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Post by Admin on Fri 26 Jun 2015, 2:16 am

Must be in character at all times, unless in the designated OOC area. In character consequences will happen as a result of being OOC in inappropriate areas. I wont be a douche about it but lets stay in character when appropriate.

Metagaming is not acceptable.

Downtimes are not required but heavily encouraged as they are the best way for your character to grow personally. When growing influence, Grow:influence is NOT an acceptable growth action. You must describe how your character is growing his/her influence IE: I spend time schmoozing with the upper crust of society at various parties, spreading my name among them. (Grow High Society) or: I spend time doing favors for the local Italian family trying to earn their trust and establish a good working relationship (Grow Underworld)

Max 1 Status from start

Starting influences cap at level 2

Basic Backstories are appreciated for all clans. Tell me about your flaws/merits; I will assign clan status after backstory review. Clan status can only be obtained through role-play.

1xp for best player voted roleplay
death XP is situational we would discuss it


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