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Post by Admin on Fri 31 Jul 2015, 10:55 pm

Hello Kindred. This is Josiah Theodore Jones or as some of you know me by simply JJ. I as the oldest kindred of the city still living. I claim Praxis. (The right as the oldest in the city to be Prince.) If anyone wants to dispute this the by all means, come for me if you can. Haha. Otherwise we will meet at, (a given address), tomorrow night and we will see who made it through the week with the hunters about. The city from now on will be run differently. If I suspect any treachery amongst you i will take action. We will not be split like we were before. And we will keep the Masquerade at all times. I have way too much invested in this city to have you fuck it up. So behave. I look forward to you seeing you all.


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