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Knowledge about Gehenna Empty Knowledge about Gehenna

Post by Admin on Sat 27 Jun 2015, 2:10 am

First of all you are all relatively new Vampires but your sires have released you for one reason or another. You know all you need to know about your individual clans and you know about the goings on in the city and the world.

Gehenna is the Apocalypse for Vampires. Some of the things mentioned about Gehenna is that the Withering would start to happen, the 3rd Generation Vampires, the direct childer of Caine would wake up and start to eat all of their childer, and the time of the thin-bloods will be upon us.

The Withering--What stopped this is that once Saulot, the Salubri Antideluvian, formed a new body inside of Tremere(Antideluvian) and destroyed Tremere from the inside out, he found the underground city where hundreds of Salubri have been embracing in secret for the coming Apocalypse. While inside of Tremere, Saulot developed a new power that would stop and reverse the Withering. The Withering is where Vampires started to loose their generation becoming further and further away from Caine until they were human again, where they would rapidly age to there true age. He taught this power to all of his childer and together they used their combined power to stop and reverse the Withering affect.

The Antidelubian's, the 3rd Generation rising-- Giovanni, Triole(Brujah), Lasombra, Ravnos, and Ventru died before Gehenna.
Harqim(Assimite) was killed while he was waking up by his childer. Llyes(True Brujah) is lost in space and time lol!! Literally lost in Time. Set rampaged through Egypt killing every Follower of Set that came upon him. A group of Serpents of the Light gathered together to fight Set and eventually they destroyed him in the sun with most of the group going with him. Ennoia(Gangrel) didn't wake up she's the core of the earth. Malkav manifested briefly and all Malkavians passed out. Nothing is known about what was done to them they awakened and appeared to be normal or as normal as they can be. Arikel(Toreador) woke up and felt all of her beautiful children and was happy. She met the sun the next day. Absimilard(Nosferatu) was killed in 2000 after a failed attempt to cause a nuclear attack on Europe. Tremere was killed by Saulot. Tzimisce was killed his children with the help of the Kwei jin.

The time of the thin-bloods have arrived-- The coming of 14th and 15th generations as well as the birth of the first Dhampires.


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