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Post by Admin on Sat 24 Oct 2015, 5:36 am

Sorry this has taken me forever, but with current events, JJ has been a little distracted.

Any who. I'm Cassie and I'm the new Harpy. It's my job to make boons and status and whatnot public knowledge. So, here's the latest that I know of so far. This has been very disorganized of late, for which I apologize, so if I miss something please let me know.

Status and Active Dallas Kindred
Prince JJ - Prince, Acknowledged, Well-Known, Revered, Loyal, Respected, Feared
Colton - Sheriff, Acknowledged, Respected, Feared
Cassie - Harpy, Acknowledge, Well-Connected
Clark Smithson - Acknowledge
Silas - Acknowledged, Respected
Wren - Acknowledged, Respected
Katie - Acknowledged
Seth - Acknowledged
Sol - Acknowledged
Randy - Acknowledged

Dallas Kindred Non-Active
Amber Crowley - Acknowledged
Milo Crowley - Acknowledged
Christian Baxter - no status
Nick - no status
Goliath - no status

Non Dallas Kindred (for lack of a better term)
Louisa - Acknowledged
Briseis - Acknowledged, Respected
Zachary - no status
Kristoff - no status
Sven - no status
Vicki - Acknowledged
Hannah - no status (which pisses her off lol. She wanted that on record)
Sarah - no status
Alex - no status
Jericho - Acknowledged, Feared

Silas - "Deep Elim"
Children of Osiris (Louisa) - "Preston Hallow"
Wren - not yet stated

I think that about covers it. Again if I missed something please let me know.

~Cassie the Harpy


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